Angels origins: All you need to know about Angels

Angels as messengers

When we think of angels, we think of benevolent celestial beings maneuvering through the world and our lives guiding and protecting us. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek Angelos, which means messenger.

Angels origins

However, in the bible we can find the Angelos, and the First Christian bible is a direct translation from the Hebrew bible’s Malakh, which also means messenger. Now, our present-day mainstream understanding and representations of angels are primarily based on a Judeo Christian belief. In Islam’s Abrahamic faiths, angels deliver messages. In the Hebrew Bible, a story tells us how God sent three men to deliver a message to Abraham. The message was to be a barren wife Sarah will have a child.

Countless angels

Angels are not only the messenger. They virtually do everything, and they even control the movements of the star and plants. God created angels to travel between heaven and earth to carry out his work. According to the book of Daniel and Revelation, there are thousands and thousands of angels. However, Theologians say that thousands do not do justice and that there is an astronomical amount. Although, In the Hebrew texts, there are discrepancies in the numbers.

Hierarchy of angels

So many Christian theologians would try to devise a higher hierology. But the most influential one came from Dionysius. The hierarchy consists of nine levels, which are grouped into three spheres. The top sphere of three levels includes the cherubim, which are mysterious fourth faced-winged creatures that would eventually replace winged babies. The middle tier includes the virtues and powers. According to this classification, they handle miracles and overthrow evil, respectively. The bottom tier includes the angels and archangels.

Seven archangels

The book of Tobit talks about the archangels and that there are seven of them, each having a certain role. For example, Raphael is the guardian angel sent out to protect people in their struggles, like Tobias, who needed to find a cure for his sick father. Next, Archangel Michael is the military chief of angels and the protector of the Israelites. Gabriel is a messenger angel, and he is the one who gave Mary the news of the baby Jesus.

Angels as light

Angels are associated with light and fire. In the book of Daniel, the angel is described as such, “His face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches.” In Exodus, an angel speaks to Moses from the burning bush. In Islam, jinns which is the term for angels, are also made of fire. Augustine of Hippo argues that when God said, “Let there be light.” This was actually referring to angels.

Hells angels origins

First, we need to know what the hell is. In most religions, hell means a place where bad people suffer from pain in their afterlife. Some people believe a human goes to hell or heaven for his deeds. After going to hell, a human suffers from one of the deadly sins again and again. There are a total of 8 kings in hell.


Paimon is the most trustable and honourable angel to Lucifer. However, he is a more respected king than the other hell kings. Paimon has 200 legions of demons. He knows every single secret about the earth, and if anyone calls him on earth, he gives him a lot of gold.


Beleth is the second king of hell. However, he is the ruthless and powerful king of hell, and also he has 85 legions of demons. Also, he rides a horse. Whenever someone calls him on earth, he is fierce to see the bravery of the caller. After that, the caller needs to make a triangle on his hand which direction from south to east. Next, the caller tells the Beleth to enter his body using the triangle. If the caller disrespects Beleth, Beleth will take the life of the caller.


Purson is the third king of hell, also known as the great king of hell. He has 22 legions of demons. Purson is an expert on treasure hunting because some people believe that he knows everything and also sees the past, present and future. He has every single detail of earth creation. Whenever someone calls him on earth, he comes with some spirits to help the caller. Purson looks scary because his head looks like a lion, and he is riding on a bear.


Asmodai is the fourth king of hell. He has 72 legions of spirits; these spirits are not so powerful. Also, he has goldenseal. Asmodai is the fourth king, but his position in hell is 37 rank. However, he is powerful, and he has three heads: bull, human, and bighorn sheep. Then he rides a dragon, and he has a tail like a snake. Asmodai has fire abilities in his mouth and always keeps a golden stick in his hand because of his royalness.

Angels origins


Vine is the fifth king of hell, and he has 36 legions of demons. Also, he has the position of Earl. However, he has the ability to find things like Purson, and he can see past, present and future. He has the power of destruction and construction. If he wants, he can take the soul of a human without human permission. However, he looks like a lion who has a snake in his hand and rides on a black horse.


Balam is the sixth king of hell, also known as the cleverest king among all kings of hell. According to the people, he has a perfect answer to all questions in this world. However, he has 40 legions of demons. Next, when someone calls him on earth, Balam makes the caller invisible or makes him clever. However, he looks a little bit like Asmodai, and sometimes he rides a bear with a naked human.


Zagan is the seventh king of hell, also known as the great king or president of hell. Thirty-three legions of demons are present in Zagan. He has the power to transform water to wine and transform wine to water. Same as Balam, he makes the caller clever and transforms any material into a gold coin. He looks like a wolf with two wings, but he can transform himself into a human if he wants.


Belial is the last and eighth king of hell. In some books, we can see Belial has 68 spirits. However, he has 80 legions of demons and 50 legions of spirit. After Lucifer, Belial was born, and that’s why he is the senior king of all kings in hell. He can give spirits to demons and also rank the demons. To call him on earth, we need to give him various types of offerings and the sacrifice of goats.

Angels of God

There are many debts about the number of Archangels. Some people believe that there are a total of 15 Archangels, and some believe that there are only 7 or 1 archangels in this world. Archangels are angels who are more powerful than the other angels. However, they are leaders of their own elements and rule the other normal angels. However, In the “Book of Enoch” and “Book of Tobit” we can see the seven archangel systems. Their names are similar, like seven days.

Saint Michel

First, Saint Michel (Sunday), Michel means he who is like God. Michel is the one archangel who defeated Lucifer in heaven; that’s why he is the most powerful archangel. However, the human’s protector is the other identity of Michel, and he can remove human’s fear and suffering. Also, he ruled the troops of God. Every year on the 29th of September, every Christians celebrates the feast of Michael.

Saint Gabriel

Second, Saint Gabriel (Monday), Gabriel means God is my strength. However, the messenger of God is the other identity of Gabriel. Whenever God needs to send an important message for someone, that’s work always given to Michael. Once God sent him to Nazarite to give the news of baby Jesus.

Archangel Raphel

Third, Arcangel Raphel (Tuesday), Raphael means healer. His main work is healing human pains. Also, he can remove the nightmares and illness of a human.

Archangel Uriel

Fourth, Archangel Uriel (Wednesday), Uriel means the appearance of God. The God of wisdom and justice is the other identity of Uriel. However, they give justice to humans. Also, he gives us motivation and inspiration in our life. Uriel saves us from natural disasters.


Fifth, Sealtiel/Selaphiel (Thursday), Selaphiel means God of prayer. He sent our prayers to God. We can see him in the book “The conflict of Adam and Eve” When God sent him to save Adam and Eve from Lucifer.


Sixth, Jegudiel/Raguel (Friday), Raguel is the protector of those humans who believe in god. He rewarded humans for their good karma and gave them punishment for their bad karma.


Seventh, Barachiel (Saturday), Barachiel means guardian. He is one of the 12th rational angels and the ruler of Jupiter. He guards the gate of heaven and earth.

Angels in Islam

  • According to Muslim belief, God runs the universe and every activity; in fact, everything that moves in this world is under the control of God. However, God doesn’t get his fingers everywhere. We have the idea of a very special creation of God made of light. It is very interesting that the word light is energy. This is some kind of magnificent energy on which God runs his universe. There are four famous angels; Archangel, Gabriel, Michael, and Israel are all doing very distinct works. They have their armies and hosts of angels working with them.
  • Micheal is famously known for being responsible for the provisions, which means ensuring rain, crops grow, etc. Angels are assigned to sing God’s hymns and prostrate before the Lord. Allah whenever wants to communicate with his prophets, Gabriel interprets the divine mind and will into the language of that prophet. The angels can’t take human forms; the two famous angels Harut and Marut, who came to teach the Israelites, were in the form of human beings.

Angels in bible

According to the bible, angels are so powerful, and normal humans can’t see them for their invisibility. However, they can travel from heaven to earth easily with speed. The bible also talks about an end battle between the good and bad angels. To scholars such as Carl Jung, this is understood as the battle between his good and bad conscience within the individual’s soul. Angels were generally strange, frightening creatures ranging from human-ox=lion-eagle hybrids to floating wheels with eyes. Scriptural blessed messengers struck fear into the hearts of anybody who saw them. One of the foremost vivid descriptions of blessed messengers within the book of scriptures comes from the prophet Ezekiel’s inaugural vision.

Hebrew Bible

Around the same area where the Hebrew Bible was written, an Indo-Persian religion called Zoroastrianism existed as far back as the second millennium BC. The Zoroastrian faith also talks about deities that are similar to biblical angels; they are Amesha Spentas. They are Ahura Mazda’s first emanations, and it’s through them that all subsequent creation is accomplished. There are seven Amesha Spentas, the same number as archangels. However, they are referred to as Divine Sparks, similar to fire and light. Now, Zoroastrianism also talks about guardian spirits called Fravashi, which are sent out by hundreds and thousands into the material world to take part in the battle of good and evil.

Fallen angels

Angels are subject to falls. We are familiar with the Abrahamic fallen angels. So, Lucifer, Satan or Iblis was once a beautiful angel but failed because of his pride. Theologians believe that the fallen angels illustrate the corruptibility of the soul from pure to impure. Because of his pride and ego, a major source of sin, Lucifer got cast out of heaven. Christian theologians add those fallen angels are also capable of rising up. The name of the fallen angels are:

  • Moloch
  • Satan
  • Dagon
  • Belial
  • Beelzebub
  • Chemosh

Some frequently asked questions

Who are the seven angels of God?

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Barachiel are the seven angels of God.

Who is God’s highest angel?

Seraphim is God’s highest angel.

What are the Devil’s angels?

Moloch, Satan, Dagon, Belial, Beelzebub and Chemosh are the Devil’s angels.

Is Amenadiel a good angel?

Yes, Amenadiel is a good and kind-hearted angel.

Who is Lucifer’s mother?

Aurora is Lucifer’s mother.

Who is God’s Brother?

Saint James is God’s brother.

Why is 777 a holy number?

According to the Orthodox study bible, 777 represents the threefold perfection of the Trinity.

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