Sergey Tokarev: What hinders AI revolution

Once people got to know about the capabilities of GPT, they started to worry about their careers, especially if it concerns creative professions. But very soon, they understood they need to change their attitude to this IT progression and use it as a valuable tool to enhance their productivity. This requires certain skills to use AI services precisely. Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner at Roosh and Reface investor, highlights the beneficial impact of AI and notes the main problem of preventing the AI revolution.

Sergey Tokarev

AI handy tool

It is time to stop worrying about the AI workforce replacement in tech companies. Instead, people should learn how to use this service to receive precise results. AI helps people manage monotonous work and cope with tons of data faster. It has learned to generate high-quality content under deep research, draw images, create tables, etc. Sergey Tokarev notices that this tool should be used primarily by people of creative professions. They should learn to create the right prompts in order to get an accurate and well-analyzed result. Once they master AI services, they can implement them in some areas, and Tokarev mentions a few below.


There are niches where people deal with routine work and will be happy to delegate it to another person, an assistant. What if this assistant becomes an AI algorithm? You can set particular data for it to learn and create messages on their basis. So, an algorithm can work on your behalf, and you dive into another aspect of your work.


Many people have started to use AI as a search and analyzing service. By entering a precise request, you can receive a well-reviewed answer, as the algorithm searches and chooses reviews from trusted sites. Thus, it can bring up the best solutions for your request.


The best method for teaching a person is to create a personalized approach. But this task is impossible to accomplish for a teacher when having dozens of students. Sergey Tokarev underlines that an AI algorithm can be useful in this area. It can analyze the habits of an audience and introduce the information in an understandable way.

Support services

This feature is available in all products and services, and it is essential to keep customers happy and satisfied. In this case, there is a support service that answers all their questions, and AI can cope with them perfectly. Soon, it will be impossible to differentiate whether you talk with a human or an algorithm.

What hinders AI-wide implementation?

According to Sergey Tokarev, the reason lies in an unprepared legal system. Different countries have their own laws, and it is difficult to say who is responsible for AI: the AI developer, the user, or the algorithm itself.

There are many questions about AI that require answers. Who is to blame if an algorithm can help a dying person but doesn’t? What will happen if its actions cause harm? Under the jurisdiction of which country will liability be assessed? Should an algorithm follow human moral standards? What is ethics and who should monitor its compliance?

The investor underlies that AI learns from answers and information provided by living people, from their ethics and morals. If we want to change it, we need to change people.

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